Destroy Your Enemies Website

Website Cigarette Burn

Is there a website out there that you just can’t stand? Why don’t you take a piss on it then? Or how about burning it with a cigarette or shredding it to pieces with a chainsaw? If you go to, you can choose any site you want and set forth a disaster of your choice upon it. You should try out all of the different choices and have a little fun getting a little bit of passive revenge.



In studio photography, it’s extremely easy to create your own world; from any room in your house, to your wilderness of a backyard, to a scenic foodscape, all you need is a little imagination.

Take a look here for Mr. Carl Warner’s deliciously artistic take on everyday food items turned into beautiful landscapes. Warner has made everything from scenes of the country to underwater spectacles all created from cheeses, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, strawberries, broccoli, onions, and so much more. Enjoy!

QTrax: First Free and Legal Digital Music Site

Qtrax Screenshot

Do you download music from the internet? Do you pay for it? Well you might not have to anymore, and you don’t have to feel bad about stealing it from the artists who make it either. Qtrax is the first free and legal peer-to-peer digital music site. You’ll be able to download full-length, high quality songs and you compensate the artists just by letting Qtrax relay NON-intrusive advertising.

If you aren’t into indie stuff, you don’t need to worry either, because Qtrax has support from the major record labels. This means we’ll be able to find all kinds of great stuff on there, from independent music to the big names you hear on the radio, such as the Foo Fighters and 30 Seconds to Mars. They even plan on releasing a Mac compatible version on March 18th, so they’ve got pretty much everyone covered here. Go get it now.

Swedish Rapper Take-over

Adam Tensta is an awesome rapper on the rise. Currently, he is held highly on the Swedish hip-hop scene and hopefully that transfers throughout the world, because this guy is great. His rhymes have substance and meaning and he isn’t afraid to throw in social and political issues into the mix.

This is what hip-hop should be about. It should be an art form, not a place to brag about your ho’s and diamond watches. How many times have we already heard that story told? I grew up on hip-hop though, so I know that there are some great rappers still out there, it’s just nice to have another one to add to that list. Anyway, check out the great video below and then check out Adam Tensta’s Myspace page.

What Can You Really Do on a Wii?

It turns out there a quite a few things you can do with a Wii, other than play Super Mario Galaxy. You might remember a while back, people were using their Wii-motes on their PC’s for DJing, or WiiJing, but there are much more advanced and nerdy things you can too. Check out the video below of Kermit the Frog (what’s up with the voice?), ok…I’m sorry, Johnny Chung Lee, explaining one of the really cool things that’s possible. Then visit his site to see some more crazy stuff like tracking your fingers with the Wii-mote, sort of like what they were capable of doing in “Minority Report”.