Food fight!

Now this gives a whole other meaning to food fight; it’s a food war. Hamburgers vs eggrolls vs sushi vs fish n’ chips; it’s an all out war. Beside the obvious humor to this stop-motion animation, there lies a history. The animator, Stefan Nadelman, portrayed each food from its respected country. The bullying fried chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets are, no less, the United States. The passive croissant- France, so on so forth. And knowing the audience he’s dealing with, Stefan supplied us all with a great little cheat sheet.

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Show Your Feelings With a Mixtape


Do you remember the days of the mixtape. You know, you’d send the girl, or guy you liked a tape with recorded songs that showed your feelings toward that person. Yeah, it was a little cheesy, but it actually happened. According to plenty of movies I’ve seen anyway, because I’m actually too young (sorta) to have done that.

Well, times have changed and these days, everything is done online. This is where Muxtape comes in. You can create your own online “muxtape” containing songs of your choice (which you upload in mp3 format), or you can view other people’s muxtapes and listen to the music. It’s really a great idea and the site is really simple and easy to navigate.

A truly explosive ad

The world of advertising is becoming more and more innovative these days. It’s not just about showing a product; it’s about the creativity, cleverness, and ingenuity that goes behind it. Advertisers need to catch our attention, keep our attention, and make us remember that ad and that product- no easy job there considering our short, sometimes nonexistent, attention span… But I would say the people over at Schweppes did a pretty good job at keeping my mind entertained.

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Awesome Movies For Your Website

If you’re thinking about setting up a website or blog, you might want to put some video on it too, especially since video is such a great marketing tool that everybody seems to love. Considering how YouTube is one of the most widely used websites today, this isn’t a bad idea. Well, it might be a bad idea if you hire Fred and Sharon.

I guess they do movies for other people, but they look like they have no idea what they are doing. The video is recorded using some kind of HandyCam or something and everything else about the video is poor quality. I think something else that’s funny is that when you visit their website, there’s a link that asks you to pay to see some more videos. Who on earth would want to do this. These poor people are obviously clueless. To be honest, this is so terrible, I’m not even sure it’s real. It was hilarious though, if that’s what they were going for.

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