The art of title

When you’re sitting in a movie theater on opening night clinching your $7 movie stub in your sweaty little hand, anxious for that long awaited summer blockbuster to start, you want to enjoy the entire movie; beginning to end (including opening and closing credits). So you know a movie was done right when even the opening titles give you a chill up your spine.

From 300 to Vertigo, listed in alphabetical order are the most creative titles to ever hit the big screen. This site is dedicated to all film junkies alike. If you’re looking for a quick design fix, head here. Enjoy!

Have You Sold Your Life Away Yet?

A Life for Sale

You may remember a post I did way back in March, How To Sell Your Entire Life, and I told you that I’d be doing a follow up on it once Ians’ auction for every single thing he owns goes up on eBay. Well, that day is today. You can visit A Life 4 Sale if you want all of the details on what this is about, or you can just go straight to the auction here. Ian will be updating his website after the auction as well, so keep an eye on it to find out how everything works out for him.

R-rated educational shorts?

Snails gettin\' it on

What do you get when you mix a crazy actress, mating rituals of insects, and about a minute of film? Green Porno, of course!

Ms. Rossenllini dresses up in bizarre costumes (sort of like the ones your mother made for your elementary plays) acting out the strange mating rituals of insects. If you ever wondered how earthworms, fireflies, and snails got it on- here’s your chance! Be thoroughly entertained/disgusted here.

Out With Myspace, In With the Hoff

If you just can get enough of The Hoff, there’s a new online community built just for you. If you head on over to, you get the extreme opportunity of a lifetime to create a profile, blog, upload photos, and try your hand in various contests all while constantly staring into Hasselhoffs’ face. How can you even think of passing something like this up.