Permission slips for the spouse/significant other

Guys night out

Girls night out

When you’re in a serious relationship; either longterm dating, marriage, or cohabitants, there are times where you may need to ask permission for a girl’s/guy’s night out.

In hopes of making this occasional situation less awkward and drawn out, provided for you are some permission slips. One for a guy’s night out with the boys and one for a girl’s night out with the gals. Happy partying!

The Rhino War 2008

Close to extinction, the rhino population is scarce. Yet, so many poachers are slaughtering these animals merely for their horns. On the black market, the horns of rhinos can fetch nearly $20,000 per kilogram. They’re used for traditional medical practices in China such as alleviating the common cold and lowering fevers and in the Middle East as ceremonial daggers. Even when modern science has disproved the medical powers that many think the rhinoceros’ horn has, poaching is still one of the major problems that may lead to the complete extinction of these animals.

At Kaziranga National Park lives a man and his workers that have dedicated their lives to protecting the wildlife that wanders on the reserve, and kill the men who try do otherwise. His name is Dharanidhar Boro. A humble looking man, though many consider him a braveheart, hero, and guardian of the national park. Some say that his personal kills range from 20 to 30 even 40 poachers. A scary but a very real saying he lives by, “You kill one of my rhinos, I kill three of you.”

There are many sites out there that donates to the cause of preserving the lives of rhinos; not just from poaching, but from the environmental deterioration. The IRF is an informational site that I’ve found and will be donating to. But there are a bunch others that you can choose from. Donate for the cause!

Chinese People Ask, What’s a Fortune Cookie?

You might not know this, but Chinese people don’t even know what fortune cookies are. Fortune cookies are actually an invention of Americans. Watch the video below and see for yourself. It’s kinda weird, really. So if you ever go to China and dine in any restaraunt, don’t expect to get your tasty little cookie at the end of your meal.

Animals That Vegetarians Can Eat

kitty food

If you’re trying to go on a diet, but you’re finding it tough to hold yourself back from eating the entire plate, you might want to consider visiting Japan. If you get one of these cute meals, you won’t want to stick your knife and fork into it. Who ever makes these does a great job.

Behind every picture…

…lies an interesting story.

It may not be captioned or monologued there where you can read it; but many times the most interesting story are the ones left to your imagination and wonder.

Not my absolute favorite kind of photography, though I still think it’s note worthy. Joe Wigdahl’s work is more photojournalism than fine art photography. Pictures of people, locations and things make up this pretty compelling portfolio. Take a look for yourself. Enjoy!