Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Halloween falls on a Friday this year- woo hoo! If you happen to be so wrapped up in work, or life, or lack there of, and did not notice until the last minute that Halloween fell on a Friday, thus allowing you to party-harty (drink as much as you like- you’ll be wearing a mask hiding the true identity of any alcoholic related mahem) all night long, and forgot to purchase the perfect costume, don’t worry- we have your back.

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Wasuuuuup! 8 Years Later

Remember the Wasuuuuup guys from the old Budweiser commercials? I don’t know how you could forget, considering it was one of the most popular ad campaigns ever. People even still yell Wasuuuuuuup! sometimes when I call, sadly. Anyway, have you ever wondered what happened to the guys from those commercials? Watch the video below and find out. This short film is hilarious 😀

Fight Against the Smear Campaigns

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Undecided, I know you’re tired of the smear campaigns. Especially now that the elections are right around the corner. I for one, can’t wait for the elections to be over with already, because I’m plain sick of the commercials, junk mail, and random phone calls.

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Christian Nympos Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Sex

There’s a new Christian site on the internet gaining in popularity quickly, but this one is a whole lot different than any other Christian website you may have seen in the past. Christian Nymphos is a site basically designed for women of Christian faith, obviously, but they’ve also been gaining a following of men as well.The site is safe for work, so don’t be afraid to click the link.

The site contains articles and posts all from women who have excessive sexual desire, but they all stick to the rules set forth by their religion, which is that sexual relations should only occur between a married couple and that same-sex and premarital sex relations is not tolerable.

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Joe The Plumber Didn’t Vote

The future is told in this video and it certainly is a bleak one. John McCain has taken his seat in the White House and Obama’s loss is traced back to one voter. Only one voter determined the fate of the United States, and that man is Joe the Plumber. That’s right, the Joe that everyone feels like they know, didn’t vote. Watch the video below to learn more.