How to Rave Dance

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance at a rave or a techno club? This video is a complete walkthrough of all the moves you could ever want to know, from beginner to advanced. Master these steps and you’ll carry the spotlight the entire time. I’m dedicating myself to practicing these steps for an hour every day just so I can win over the ladies hearts.

Concert Review: The Mother Truckers and Roger Clyne

I just found out a couple of weeks ago that a friend of mine, Dan, likes a type of music that I never knew about. We always listen to Metal and Hip-Hop at my house and he never said anything about it, so I just assumed that’s what he liked to, but he just recently invited me to a concert of a group named Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Dan described the band as older 90’s alternative and country mix. When I heard the word “country,” I immediately became hesitant. I absolutely can’t stand Country music, but Dan assured me that it wasn’t too “country,” so I decided to go. He really wanted to see Roger Clyne too, and wanted someone to go with him, so it was only right that I didn’t leave him hangin’.

We didn’t buy our tickets ahead of time, so we had to wait in a bit of a long line at the will call window. We each paid $18 for the ticket and then headed to the end of an even longer line to get in the doors. The doors opened at 8:00pm, we hit the bathrooms, grabbed some beers and we got our spot at the very front of the venue and waited for about a half hour for the first band to start.

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Ready For Black Friday?

One of the biggest purchasing days of the year is upon us once again. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the best and worst days of the year to buy Christmas gifts. It’s one of the best days to shop because stores everywhere drastically lower their prices for anyone who can get to the actual store early enough to snatch up a limited amount of whatever it is they’ve discounted. I’ve seen some awesome deals before, like last year, when Circuit City had a nice $250 laptop. Now that’s cheap!

Black Friday is also one of the worst days of the year to shop too. Why? Because everyone in the entire world is trying to get their hands on that $250 laptop. I was one of those people last year. I woke up at about 4:30am and went to Circuit City with my brother. There was a line all the way around the building already and it was freezing outside. We got in around 7am and by the time we made our way to the counter in the computer section, all of the laptops were gone and 2 more hours had passed. It was 9 in the morning and I had nothing to show for it. I decided to go to the Best Buy across the street and see what they had. They actually had a lot of good deals on DVD gift packages, so I purchased quite a few of those for Christmas presents.

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Get a Free Design Book

If you have any interest in the web design world, you’ve likely heard of Sitepoint. They have lots of great books which you can find at places like Borders or you can buy them directly from their website. They also have some very helpful forums on their site where you can ask questions about design, Internet marketing or anything else related to the web and creativity.

I actually own several of the books that have been released under the Sitepoint name and they really helped me out in my beginning days of becoming an SEO. They are usually my go-to guys when it comes to web design books and I bet their Internet marketing books are just as good, although everyhing I learned as an SEO was from experience.

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