Working lunch

Most of us work in some sort of office environment. And in doing so, being the observational kind of people we are, we notice things around the office- how people act, what they’re doing, what they’re not doing, how they talk to people, who they talk to, etc. A fun little comedy series, Working Lunch, has made the not-so-funny day to day routine we live into funny, thought provoking articles and mini series. My favorite is article is Social Anxiety.

So I went out and bought a red jump suit and a red hat and borrowed some gold rings and a necklace from my sister — pretty much like some of those guys in the video had on. And before I got to the office, I stopped off to get some coffee, and there were a bunch of guys outside all dressed in blue. And one of them seemed real nice. And he asked me if I really liked red. So, keeping direct eye contact with him just like I had practiced with my therapist, I started telling him about my plan to dress differently. And then these six guys, well, they said if I didn’t get out of there, they’d kill me. Then they chased me down the street. I had to leave my car and walk the rest of the way to the office.

Jizzing In Your Pants Is Funny

You don’t jizz in your pants when you pluck a grape do you? Or when a breeze comes through the window? The guys in this music video do. They jizz in their pants at any small thing that might have any tiny effect on their lives.

This video is really stupid, but I’m very immature and a huge fan of potty humor, so I think it’s great. Check it out.

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Preheatable Plates Keep Your Food Warm

Dining Plates

If you’ve ever eaten food before (I sure hope so or you’re probably dead), you’ll know that your meal will always cool down too much before you’re done eating. This is where the Dining Stones can help. They take about 15 minutes to warm up and can keep a temperature of up to 220 degrees even after 45 minutes.

Of course you might have already tried electric plate warmers, and if you have you know they usually suck and aren’t particularly very fancy either. These dining stones are much better looking and cooler too.

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