For my English Composition class, I had to write a reflective essay. I must say, I had fun looking back in my life, deciding on what I should reflect about. Below is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

I was pretty fortunate to evade racial encounters throughout my life- either for reasons of being purely naïve or just pure godsend. I lived in a world where people were from different countries, had different backgrounds, and they had different color skin. There was no rhyme or reason for it. My father being black, from the south, and a descendent from slaves and my mother, a descendent of Czechoslovakian immigrants, coming from Germany to America knowing barely a lick of English- it still hadn’t occurred to me their feelings of anguish describing to one another their cultural confrontation with a stranger. I would overhear how angry, disappointed, and offended they were- but over what? I didn’t understand. I didn’t comprehend why someone would have to explain or answer to anyone the color of their skin or the country of their birth. Or why they would even feel compelled to answer to such ignorance. It was because of their protection that I lived blissfully without having a brush with racism, bigotry, or discrimination for so long. But their protection couldn’t last forever.

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Laid Off? Vent Your Anger

If you’ve been laid off recently from your job, which is highly likely considering this complete shithole of an economy, you might want to get your frustrations off your chest.

telonu (tell on you, get it?) wants you to review your latest employers, anonymously of course, and let the world know how big of jerks they were. Or how nice they were too, if you’d like 😉

Head over to the Layoff Talk section and spread the good word.

Home Buying Guide: Buying Your First Home

Home Buying Guide - Buying First Home

After just buying my first home (no, not the one above), I thought I’d provide some tips to anyone else out there looking for a home right now. This is the story of my experience of buying a home, but I tried to make this a helpful home buying guide for first time home owners.

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freecreditreport.com Spoof

You’ve know those cheesy freecreditreport.com commercials? The ones where the songs try to be funny and the guy can’t even lip sync right?

Well they had a contest in which people could either cover one of the songs from the commercials or create their own and Dan Louisell decided to create his own.

One that’s actually funny.

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