A Complete Knowledge of Pac-Man


The Pac-Man Dossier is a website dedicated to everything Pac-Man.

If there was ever any question you may have had about the little yellow dot eater, this is where you’ll likely find your answer.

If you wanna show off some Pac-Man skills to the girl at the prize counter of the abandoned arcade in the mall, you better take a look at this site right away.

Or you can go there just to learn some interesting history about the game 🙂

Geniuses That Probably Had No Friends


I bet you didn’t know that Thomas Edison was a complete asshole did you? You won’t believe the messed up things he did in his time.

Did you know that Nikola Tesla hated anyone who was overwieght or that Beethoven threw things at people during his concerts?

Yeah, these guys sure do sound like assholes to me.

Check out this article, 5 Geniuses Who Were Assholes for some fun reading on the smartest jerks of our history.

Horrible Mariah Carey Karaoke Remix

YouTube is the perfect place to find some of the worst musicians in the world.

Just like this guy singing “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey.

Now I understand that he’s not a fluent English speaker, so I’ll cut him a little slack, but dude, C’mon!

“Tuts My Barreh!, Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah”

Like a Boss featuring Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan doesn’t have much of a part in this music video, but it’s still pretty damn funny.

Listen as this guy, the boss, describes is average day including chopping of his balls and dying…every day.

If you liked any such songs as Dick in the Box, or Jizz in my Pants, you should get a kick out of this one.

Oh and here’s the original song if you were wondering what it sounded like.

These Houses are Stupid. Stupid Sweet!

Weird Houses

I’m just happy to own a house at all, but how cool would it be to live in an upside down house?

Or what about if your house looked like a shoe? Nah, I don’t wanna live in a shoe house, but something out of the ordinary would be fun. Nothing too high though, since I’m afraid of heights.

Check out this post over at TrendHunter called Upside Down Homes with photos of all kinds of super awesome homes.