Slow Motion Laughing

Have you ever laughed so hard that whatever you were drinking sprayed out of your mouth? My friends are true idiots sometimes, so I can tell you that I definitely have on various occasions.

Watch this video of people spitting their drinks out all over the place in slo-mo. Just don’t drink anything while watching this video or you’ll likely ruin your keyboard.

F*#@ My Life

F My Life is place where people can randomly post quick entries about their life;
more specifically things in their life that make them hate their existence at that point in time.

Take for example, this entry:

“Today, I performed in my school play. Right before my big solo, I noticed a few girls changing backstage and I became aroused. The play
was Jesus Christ Superstar, and I was playing Jesus. All I was wearing was a little cloth, so the whole audience saw Jesus get hard during
the crucifixion.”

There are a whole bunch of these so you should have a full day ahead of you making your life seem much better.

The New Little Red Riding Hood

A design student at Sweden’s Link√∂ping University had to do a class project and he choose to recreate the childhood story everyone knows, Little Red Riding Hood.

This new interpretation is just too cool.

The way everything is dissected was a really fun idea for this video. For example, how Granny has a nutritional facts label. That was a great idea.

Or how about when Little Red Riding Hood notices the wolf in Grannys bed by observing the eyes, ears and mouth?

I really like the music choice too. Check out the video below and learn more about it at Very Short List.

Slagsmålsklubben РSponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.