Those Poor Little Kitty Heads…


I just saw this video on YouTube and thought it was too cute not to post, so here it is!

I guess they created a website too, but I’m not going to link to it, because it looks like a bunch of affiliate spam and they don’t mention anything about donating to needy animals.

Enjoy the video!

Inspiration From the Most Artistic and Creative Resumes

Creative Resume
Times are tough and everybody and their mama are applying for the same job you’re trying to get.

So how the heck do you expect to get noticed?

Maybe you should just take a chance and try creating one of the most creative resumes you possibly can. That should get you noticed right?

Take a look at these 30 Artistic and Creative Resumes and see if you can put one of your own together.

I’d be very interested in hearing what the person hiring would think. 🙂

The Sound Effect Search Engine

I think there’s always going to be a time where you need to certain sound effect, whether it be for a website or some sort of multimedia project or you just wonder what a laughing hyena sounds like.

Soungle is an extremely simple to use search engine to find all sorts of royalty free sound effects. You can listen to the clips all on one page and you can choose to download it if you like it.

So far, on the few random searches I’ve done, I’ve found lots of great effects for each one. This one definitely goes in my bookmarks.

Dude, You Tweet Way Too Hard

Even if you’re not on Twitter, you’ll get a kick out this site. Basically, what Tweeting Too Hard does, is collect “self-important” tweets.

These can be from users who seem to think fairly highly of themselves or just think everyone in the world wants to know every single little detail about their lives.

Take for example;

“I make multi-million $ decisions on a regular basis — why is it soooo difficult to decide what to do with my hair?” from @MKReflections

“ok poop is coming out.” from @leto75

“OMG i was saying how i couldn’t afford the gas to fly daddy’s jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me ” from @babesmcphee

“I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.” from @JohnCMayer

Ha ha! Check it out and submit your own if you’re following someone as much of a douche as John Mayer.

Very Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

The Smoking Effect

The only advertisements that I really see about anti-smoking anymore are adds from Truth, which are usually boring and seem to try too hard. I’m sure they do the job though.

But there are lots of ads out there that really take a creative turn. These are the ads that would stick in my mind if I saw them in a magazine.

Check out this article, Top 45 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements, and try to tell me you don’t enjoy the creativity behind each one of them.