Things Rich People Buy

Pancake Maker

I think rich people eventually run out of “normal” things to waste their cash on, and just end up buying anything after a few years of living wealthy.

Could you imagine spending close to $400 on an apple carrier? It does nothing else special other than carry your apple. Or how about a platinum encased, diamond encrusted purse for $1.63 million dollars?

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A Place to Read People’s Dreams

I absolutely love the idea of Messed Up Dreams. Dreams are always so wacky and confusing. It’s too bad they’re so easily forgotten.

When I was in school for 3D animation and design, I used to write down every dream I had as soon as I woke up so that I wouldn’t forget. Then I would figure out ways to use them for my school projects. I came up with some wild stuff too.

One dream I remember well from childhood, which actually became a reoccuring dream for a short period of time (do I need counseling?), took place at my grandparents house up in the mountains. I only remember a small amount of it now, but I was being chased through her house by a bunch of Indians. Then out of nowhere, I was on a motorcycle and riding it up her staircase to the second floor trying to escape. I don’t remember the transition, but all of a sudden I was hopping from rooftop to rooftop on my motorycle, still being chased by Indians, except now I was in the desert and each building was miles away from the other. That’s all I remember.

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College Courses Parents Waste Their Hard Earned Money On

If you’re paying your kid’s way through college like Van Wilder, you better take a closer look at the classes they’ve been taking because they might be milking it on courses like “Learning how to argue with Judge Judy” or “Learning the Elvish language of “Lord of the Rings.” put together an extensive list of 100 Hilarious College Courses that Really Exist from big name colleges and universities across the country.

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