Paperalities – Mortal Kombat Fatalities in Stop-Motion

The first Mortal Kombat was one of the best games ever. I still remember asking my aunt to ask her boyfriend to buy it for his Sega. And when I came over to babysit her kids the next weekend, there it was, ready to be played like there was no tomorrow. I had every fatality memorized within a week.

If you want to see all of those fatalities recreated on paper and in stop-motion form, watch the video below created by animator/filmmaker Eric Power. This is great. I love that he used the original audio from the game too.

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The Best Videos of the Old Spice Guy Marketing Campaign

Old Spice has taken “viral” to a whole new level in the past couple of days. It all started on Wednesday when Old Spice decided to let the internet world ask the Old Spice guy any question they so desired via Facebook and Twitter. In return, OS Guy was responding with a personalized video, promptly placed on YouTube for everyone to watch.

The campaign looks to be a huge hit. I’ve seen quite a few celebrity responses so far and all of the videos seem to have at least more than 300 views. The more popular ones have several thousand or more. The marketing campaign officially ended early this morning at around 1 a.m. mountain time with a final video, which I’ve embedded below.

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Very Cool and Creative Music Video from Sour

You won’t believe the amount of creativity that went into creating this music video. It starts out simple enough but give it a chance to really kick in and you’ll be blown away at how cool it is. I wonder how long it took to put this together. Longer than I would have the patience for, that’s for sure.

Check out “Hibi no Neiro” (Tone of Everyday) by Sour. This video just won Best Music Video Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and was created entirely using webcams. Crazy!

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Help Stop the Barbaric Act of Stoning in Iran

I just watched the movie “The Stoning of Soraya M.” which is a film based on a true story of a book by the same name written by Freidoune Sahebjam. It was a really good movie and I’m sure the book is even better, but it’s extremely sad and shows just how barbaric and disgusting the Iranian legal system can be.

In the movie, the story is told to a reporter by Zahra, Soraya’s aunt, explaining the terrible fate that had befallen her niece the day before. In short, Soraya’s husband, Ghorban-Ali wanted out of his marriage so that he could marry a 14 year old girl. Soraya had no way to care for her family so she wouldn’t agree to the divorce so Ghorban-Ali instead accused her of adultery. She was then buried up to her waist and stoned to death by the residents of the small village.

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