Is Anyone More Creative Than ZeFrank?

I’m a huge fan of ZeFrank and and I’m also a huge fan of TED Talks, so when I found out that ZeFrank spoke at a TED conference I immediately saved the video to watch at home. His presentation definitely did not disappoint.

It’s amazing how much creativity this guy has. He comes up with random ideas, or seemingly random anyway, and out of these ideas he creates something else. He is the king of inspiring user-generated content. He gets people to do great things which he turns into art. Watch the video and see what an amazing and interesting person ZeFrank is.

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A Re-Enactment of Crazed Halo Reach Fans Playing for the First Time

Are you a fan of the Halo series? Lots of people are, but I’ve never even played any of the Halo games. Still, I know how crazed fans can be for games like this and Awesome Reach from Egoraptor of Newsgrounds captures what lots of gamers probably experienced when Halo: Reach was released.

This video is absolutely crazy. And hilarious!

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Beatbox Fun With Incredibox

Incredibox is a neat little music creator that lets you put together various beat-box sounds to create a song. There aren’t a whole lot of options available, but there quite a few combinations you make based on what’s available so far. Despite the simplicity, it’s really fun and the makers are currently working on version 2 so keep an eye out for that.