All Models Should Be Decapitated

The Decapitator is an artist in London with an interesting style. He takes photos, flyers, posters, newspapers and the like and paints over them so that the heads of the people are decapitated. Or he’ll create printed versions that he can paste over the original. It’s really cool.

Check out the video below showing how he decapitated the head of a model in an advertisement in The London Paper and then handed out copies of the paper to people on the street. He’s also got a great Flickr profile with more of his work.

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Athletes Crazy Faces Caught on Camera

I dislike linking to sites that start their articles with a big block of ads because the site seems a little spammy, but this one is so funny. It’s called Keep Your Eyes on the Ball and features pics of athletes in the heat of the moment.

This is the equivalent of getting your picture taken while making an “O” face. It’s ugly, but hilarious.