How Social Media Can Cost You a Job, Your Identity and Get Your House Robbed

You have to be careful about what you share online these days. I think people have a false sense of security when they say something online because they think nobody important is paying attention or that it’s no big deal. Of course that’s never the case.

People have been fired for what they’ve posted on Twitter. Celebrities and businesses have received massive backlash after posting insensitive tweets, for example the NRA and Celeb Boutique after the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting.

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Make Music With The Old Spice Guy’s Muscles

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Old Spice are kings when it comes to viral videos and this hilarious video featuring Terry Crews making music with his muscles is an excellent example. Not only is this video funny, but if you wait until it ends, you can actually play all of the instruments by pressing the keys on your keyboard. You might have to click once on the video for it to recognize your keyboard.

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23 of the Funniest NFL Touchdown Celebrations Ever

The start of the NFL regular season just started and as I was watching the Bills vs. Jets game yesterday, I got to thinking about some of the fun touchdown celebrations that have happened over the course of NFL history. I decided to look up some of the best celebrations on YouTube which snowballed into watching way too many videos and then putting together this post.

These aren’t in any particular order.

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