Blazing – Entertaining PSA Commercial About Drug Driving

Who knew that a public service ad could be entertaining? This PSA from New Zealand shows a group of kids hanging out and joking around about how their dads act while “blazing.” The commercial is pretty funny until the end when the kids realize that “drug driving” (I’ve never heard that term before) isn’t as funny as they had just made it out to be.

It’s an entertaining PSA with a strong message.

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The Best Mobile Browsers For The iPhone


Lifehacker just put together a quick review of iPhone web browsers and the benefits and downfalls of each of them. I’ve used a few different web browsers on the iPhone and my favorite right now is Chrome because I like the way the tabs work and how it syncs with my desktop browser. I love having access to my web history and all of my bookmarks. It also seems much faster than Safari.

Chrome and Safari both work great and they have all that I really need in a mobile browser but if there was one setting that I would like to see in Safari or Chrome on the iPhone, it would be to turn off the “feature” that forces the user to go to the web version of a website when one exists. I’ve had so many problems trying to view restaurant menus when being forced to the web version of a website.

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How to Spot Counterfeit Products


I go to the Mile High Flea Market all the time during the summer months and anyone who’s familiar with it knows that it’s a one-stop shop for counterfeit products. I grew up in the Denver area and have been going to the flea market since I was a kid, so by now I’m very familiar with identifying fake products.

Remember when FUBU was a popular brand? A friend of mine accidentally bought a “PUBU” shirt at the flea market once. He was also duped into buying an “Adiaas” jacket. We all got a good laugh out of that, lol.

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