Fly Up to 40 Feet Above Water With the Flyboard

This is why the rich kids are so popular – they can afford to buy things like the Flyboard. This thing looks awesome! They cost $6,495.00 each from Rocky Mountain Flyboard and require connection to a PWC or personal watercraft, like a Jet Ski.

If you live in Utah where the company is located, you can also rent one, also for a whole bunch of money. I looked around on the web and found other resellers and renters too, so if you live in another state, consider looking for dealers near you.

So I’ve got about 3 months before Summer to save up $6,500 and another $500 or so for a Jet Ski. Or maybe I can just find some rich people to be friends with. Neither are going to happen. I’ll just wait 10 years and hope to find one on Craigslist.

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