Cat Soup

This video is about two guys who are pretty damn weird. One is sick from muddy donuts, the other fights a cat. Just watch the video, it’ll make more sense.

Don’t Stop

I don’t remember ever seeing this commercial on TV, and I watch quite a bit of television too. Anyway, this commercial is a war between the “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” men. It’s pretty funny.

Vintage Marketing

This photoset on Flickr is really interesting. These are photos from travel and marketing posters from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Stuff from all around the world and many different languages. You can find some really cool ones in there, but it’ll take you a while to go through all of them.

You Suck at Photoshop

This is a great tutorial. This guy created a video that is supposed to teach you some tricks with Photoshop but you get to hear about his failing marriage along the way. Really funny. I hope this guy makes more of these tutorials.

Ads Out of the Norm

Ads out of the norm Whether we’re in the advertising field or not, I think we all enjoy critiquing the good, the bad and the ugly side of commercials we see on TV. Dominos; gracing many countries with its presence, this Netherlands based commercial says it all; “Man hungry. Ding-dong. Pizza!” The Dominos’ ad portrays …

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Disappearing Car Door

Are you one of those people that just have to have all of the coolest gadgets and latest technology for your car? Then you might want to make your ride even more pimp with a disappearing car door. You should check out this website to learn more about it. I still don’t completely understand how …

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