Before it’s too late, we must make a change that will involve every state, country and continent. The world we live in has reached a danger zone that, if we do not resolve, could possible mean the absolute destruction.

350 is an organization dedicated to bringing our current 387ppm standing down to 350ppm. So what does that mean?

350 is a number measuring the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. It’s the upper limit that we must reach to avoid an erratic climate change. Presently, we are at about 387ppm.

In order to make this drastic, necessary, and massive change, it needs to be done internationally. The United Nations is working on a treaty that is supposed to be done in December 2009. Though, this is an aiding step in the cause, because cost, politics, and nation differences play a significant role, we still need every voice to be heard about the topic; we must be loud enough to make this change.

Every voice counts. Make sure yours is heard. The world depends on it.

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