A toy a day

Most of us work hard during the work week- meetings, clients, deadlines all back-to-back… We don’t get any breathing room! But on occasions, we experience a calm. We realize that meetings were successfully adjourned, all clients were met with and deadlines are all past. Ahhh, so what can we do with this much awaited calm after the office chaos?

If you tend to get bored very easily, just sitting back while joyfully doing nothing to enjoy the calm may not be for you. Maybe try Toy-A-Day.

A year long project, Toy-A-Day author, Joe will post one paper toy everyday. In the midst already (day 27), characters include, Mario, the Pink Panther, Homer Simpson, Spider Man, Steve Jobs… The list goes on. So pick your favorite character, print, cut, paste, and Enjoy!

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