The Bad Gifts of Christmas

I’m sure at least a few of you received a present this Christmas that you would consider a “bad gift.” No matter how much I deny it, I probably gave out one of those bad presents to someone in my family. I try to give good gifts, but I just don’t think I’m great at picking things out and what I consider fun is probably junk to everyone else.

If you want to see what other bad gifts people got for Christmas, check out the Bad Gift Emporium. You’ll find all kinds of funny stuff and if you see something so bad that you want it, some of them are up for sale by their owners. If you got something bad, you can upload it to the site and sell it too.

I think funny, cheesy stuff would be great to get for Christmas, even if I never plan on using it, but it would really suck to get something decorative for your home if it’s tacky. Would you be forced to keeping it and putting it up whenever the person who gave it to you stops by? I’m a jerk, so I’d just stick it in a box in the basement.

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