Watch Star Trek and Get Wasted

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’re gonna love this game. If you’re not a fan of Star Trek, you’ll soon be watching it anyway. If you’re looking for a new drinking game, try out BEER TREK!!!

Here are the rules:

1. When any of the following rules happen everyone drinks.
2. Captain Kirk has open wounds.
3. Captain Kirk manhandles women.
4. Captain Kirk tries to fix the controls.
5. Captain Kirk says “beam me up Scotty”.
6. Captain Kirk spares a life.
7. Captain Kirk’s “top ten fighting moves”.
8. Mr. Spock’s human half is mentioned.
9. Mr. Spock spews forth a fountain of knowledge.
10. Mr. Spock makes a calculation.
11. Mr. Spock’s green blood is shown or mentioned.
12. Mr. Spock nerve pinches anyone.
13. Mr. Spock makes a tricorder reading.
14. Mr. Spock mindmelds with anyone or anything.
15. Mr. Spock calls Captain Kirk “Jim”.
16. Mr. Spock is in command of the ship.
17. Mr. Spock and Doctor McKoy agree on something.
18. Mr. Spock finds anything “fascinating” or “unusual”.
19. Mr. Spock has to hide his ears.
20. Dr. McKoy proclaims that he is a doctor, not something else.
21. Dr. McKoy tranquilizes anyone or administers medicine.
22. Dr. McKoy says “he’s dead Jim”.
23. Mr. Scott is in control of the ship.
24. Any of Mr. Scott’s Scottish humor is spoken.
25. Uhura opens a hailing frequency.
26. When communications are out.
27. Sulu reads off several intervals of time or distance.
28. Mr. Chekov mispronounces a name.
29. Any technical shit.
30. The ship is orbiting a planet.
31. Any references to the 20th century.
32. Any time the ship’s screen or the shields are activated.
33. Starfleet regulations are quoted.
34. The ship goes into warp factor (1 drink per factor).
35. The ship goes to any alert.
36. Any part of the ship “can’t take it anymore”.
37. The controls don’t respond.
38. Anytime the lights flicker.
39. The transporter is inoperative.
40. Anytime the phasers are set to stun.
41. Any weapons discharge.
42. A damage report is called for or given.
43. Anytime someone in red dies.
44. Anyone insults Mr. Spock.
45. Anyone raises an eyebrow.
46. Anyone is out of uniform.
47. Anyone is thrown around by the ship.
48. Unnatural perspiration is seen.
49. Bad planet sets.
50. Anytime that the captain’s log is mentioned.
51. Any person that recites character lines before they are said or gives away the plot of the episode.

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