Biodegradable Cigarette Filters Contain Plant Seeds

I’m all about doing what I can to save our planet which is why I’m so excited to hear about Greenbutts, who have created an all-natural, 100% biodegradable cigarette filter. Every filter also contains sproutable plant seeds, which will grow when placed under a small amount of soil. By the way, the picture above is only a demonstration of the technology, not what what the filter actually looks like.

If you’re worried about your cigarette tasting different, Greenbutts claims that the filter will not change the taste at all. In fact, they say that you’ll be able to taste the tobacco even better because you won’t be able to taste their filter at all, while on normal cigarettes the filters often leave an undesirable after-taste.

Smokers don’t often think about the pollution they are causing when they toss their cigarette butts into the street when they’re done, but it’s estimated that 4.5 trillion butts become litter every year. One of the most disgusting things I see occasionally is when I’m in a parking lot and I see that someone has dumped their entire ashtray next to their car. If they had Greenbutts I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about it.

I really hope some of the big tobacco companies pick this up. Small steps like this could have a huge impact on protecting the Earth.

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  1. *that’s* the sort of creative thinking that can really help out our environment. That’s a really cool idea. Unfortunately, many people are careless about the affects we have on the environment, and many of those people are smokers. Luckily for them, they can still flick their butts from their windows and still reduce litter.

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