The Broncos Vs Bengals – Tecmo Version

Did you see the Broncos game last week when they played against the Bengals? I did, because I’m a Broncos fan, but if you didn’t see it, you probably saw highlights featuring the amazing play at the end of the fourth quarter that won them the game.

They’re calling this play the Immaculate Deflection.

Kyle Orton made the pass to left sideline where it was deflected, and instead of the ball hitting the ground like it would about 99% of the time, it popped up into the air where Brandon Stokely caught it and ran it 87 yards for a touchdown.

It sucks that the Broncos couldn’t have made this win by skill, but I’ll take it anyway. If you wanna watch the play as it happened that day, check out this replay.

If you want to see an even better, more awesome replay, take a look at the Tecmo version. You’re gonna love this one!

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