Cheating On Your Spouse Is Easy

With the internet, cheating on your loved one (more like roommate, if your cheating) is as simple as a few clicks. You hear all the time about people visiting sites like Myspace and Facebook. I’ve even seen quite a few episodes of Divorce Court mentioning Myspace as the reason the couple is considering divorce at all.

The Ashley Madison Agency is taking this to a whole new level. This is a website designed for the sole purpose of cheating. Their motto is “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” Wow, now this site is unbelievable. They call themselves the world’s premier discreet dating service and when I took a look at the home page, there were a total of 12,396 members online and 3,075,000 registered members. Thats a whole lot of cheating. Oh, I and I heard they have an ad spot airing during the Super Bowl. I’m interested in watching the registered users numbers rise.

I guess if you’re looking for a little “side action”, you can find a like minded person who’s looking for the same thing, but I think you should probably just get a divorce.

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