Chess is a Brutal Bloody War

I used to play Chess regularly a few years ago; maybe one or two games a day. These days, I still like to play a game every so often, but I just don’t have much time for it anymore. I just might get back into the habit after the release of Ultimate Chess though because this version of Chess has an interesting twist that keeps me wanting to play more.

The game starts out normal enough. When I first started I was thinking “This sucks. Why is this called Ultimate Chess?” The character voices are kinda funny, but I continued on to see if there was anything else special about it, then all of sudden…

Bam! My pawn was brutally slaughtered!

Such is war I guess.

Each time one of your pieces are taken or you take the opponents piece, you’ll be greeted with a new and very bloody cut-scene. There are a total of 50 executions in all and you can keep track of which ones you’ve seen by viewing the “Execution” screen from the main menu.

Gotta collect them all!!!

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