What the Heck Does This Mean: DatPiff

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If you’re into that hip-hop that you just can’t find in the stores, check out DatPiff. They call themselves the authority in free mixtapes, which I can’t vouch for, but they do have a whole lot of free mixtapes to listen to.

There seems to be quite a bit of Lil Wayne on there too. Despite the bad name, he actually makes some great music. I was reading in Blender about how he really enjoys releasing mixtapes with music that he can’t put out in mainstream stores. I was really interested in hearing them, and now I’ve come across this website, so I’m gonna have to set some time aside to check ’em out.

I have a feeling I’ll be checking out quite a few mixtapes on this site. Check out Lil Wayne’s “The Drought is Over” below. That’s an entire album!

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  1. Check out Joe Gravity on DatPiff. He’s the dogs bollocks, trust. You wont be disappointed and i mean that. Peace out.

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