Do the Bad Guys Live Next Door?

If you’ve ever wondered about the kinds of people who live near you, there’s another site out there that’ll get you stressed and frightened for yours and your childrens’ life. As if we need more worry in our lives right? allows you to enter your home address, or any address for that matter, and it’ll place markers or pinpoints where someone who’s been convicted of a felony currently lives. It also provides First and Last name, Age, and what they were convicted of.

To be honest, I don’t let things like this get to me. People who have made bad decisions in the past are everywhere and you just have to deal with it. I just think that taking a look at the people who live near me and reading about the horrible things they’ve done is interesting and entertaining.

I would assume that all of these people have done their time and have been rehabilitated anyway. They are out there free, because they’ve proven to the system that they can be a beneficial part of society… many of them anyway.

3 thoughts on “Do the Bad Guys Live Next Door?”

  1. Yeah, you’re right. They are connected to a whole bunch of other weird sites too like After reading their FAQ pages, it becomes much more obvious. Thanks for the heads up!

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