Drank: The Anti Energy Drink


I’m not sure how Drank is suppose to work, or if it’s even real. Their slogan is “Slow Your Roll” and their concoction is considered an anti-energy drink.

They recently had a site set up at SippinSumDrank.com (site is now down), which played the song “Sippin on Syrup” by Three Six Mafia, a song speaking of “Syrup” which is a popular, but illegal, club drink. “Syrup”, made hugely popular by DJ Screw, who presumably died from the drink, is created by mixing Soda and Codeine Cough Syrup, and I highly doubt that Drank makes their drink in this fashion.

In any case, Drank is scheduled for a worldwide release on September 15th. That’s a long ways away, and your likely to forget about in that time. If I even remember, I’ll remind you at that time. Considering that the site is already down, the whole operation may have already come to a halt.

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