Dude, You Tweet Way Too Hard

Even if you’re not on Twitter, you’ll get a kick out this site. Basically, what Tweeting Too Hard does, is collect “self-important” tweets.

These can be from users who seem to think fairly highly of themselves or just think everyone in the world wants to know every single little detail about their lives.

Take for example;

“I make multi-million $ decisions on a regular basis — why is it soooo difficult to decide what to do with my hair?” from @MKReflections

“ok poop is coming out.” from @leto75

“OMG i was saying how i couldn’t afford the gas to fly daddy’s jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me ” from @babesmcphee

“I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.” from @JohnCMayer

Ha ha! Check it out and submit your own if you’re following someone as much of a douche as John Mayer.

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