Find Out Who’s Behind Blocked Calls


Don’t you hate it when you get a blocked call on your phone? I don’t even answer those calls anymore, because I’m afraid of a telemarketer, but sometimes it can be a legitimate business trying to get ahold of you.

This is why I love the idea of this new service called TrapCall. TrapCall reveals the caller ID info from blocked calls so you can decide wether or not you really want to answer your phone.

Ok, so the way this works is that when you get a blocked call, you forward the number to TrapCall, which the re-route back to you with the number in plain view. The caller won’t have any idea what you’ve just done while they’re waiting for you to answer.

What’s so horrible about something like this is that we even need a service like this to exist. I freakin’ hate telemarketers!

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