Find Sites Related to Your Mood

If you’re in a great mood today or maybe completely pissed off, Wild Mood Swings will find a site catered to the way you’re feeling.

If you’re familiar at all with StumbleUpon, this site is designed with a similar concept in mind. I was in a fairly good mood when I was checking it out because Brandon Marshall just ran the ball in for a touchdown, so I picked my mood as “Delighted” then clicked the button.

I was taken to a site called “The WOW Awards.” That site sucked. I went back to Wild Mood Swings and tried “amazing” which took me to a fun little maze game. That was a little better. I decided just to randomly choose the “dirty” mood, which took me to a funny picture of a street squeegie gettting his face shoved away from the car window.

Whatever mood your feeling, there should be a site out there to fit it.

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