Finding Concert Setlists

I think anyone who has ever gone to a concert has at some point searched the internet for a setlist to one of the shows they’ve attended. I know I have lots of times, usually with no success. is a free “wiki” service that lets it’s users collect and share setlists with each other in one central place.

This service is great, and I plan to update it for the next concert I go to, unless of course I get too drunk to remember anything which is highly likely 😉

And if anyone out there has the band and setlist of the Tattoo the Earth tour that took place in 2000, I’m still desperately looking for it.

2 thoughts on “Finding Concert Setlists”

  1. glad you like … and if you’re too drunk, don’t worry, just add the songs you remember and the other users will help you complete it 😀

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