From Records to MP3’s

LP 2 Flash

Do you have an old collection or records just sitting in your basement gathering dust? I certainly don’t, but I know that my Mom does? I’m sorry for making that joke at your expense if you actually do though. 🙂 Anyway, the LP 2 Flash is a really great piece of equipment that can take your old vinyl frisbees and record the music straight onto a USB Thumb drive or an SD card, which can transfer straight to your computer quickly and easily.

Of course you don’t have to use it just for this purpose, since it’s actually a fully functional turntable. This way you can listen to your records the way they were “meant” to be listened to. That’s how my Mom always puts it. I’m sure many record owners would love to have this player in their home though. One thing that I thought was really cool about it, is that it’ll even separate the tracks from the record as it records onto the USB drive or SD card. It’s only available in the UK right now, but you can import it at a price of $228 US.

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