Gangnam Style + Linkin Park = Gangnamcut. Awesome.

Two artists by the names of RosalinaSama and Triple-Q have created a masterpiece (or gangnamstrosity) called Gangnam Park, Psybrid Theory

I still remember the first time I heard Hybrid Theory from Linkin Park. We were young kids (late teens, early 20’s maybe) hitting up the cruise on a Saturday night and a friend brought the CD for the ride. This was the the prime of nu-metal (Drowning Pool, Disturbed, Primer 55, etc.) and we all loved this album. I probably still know all of the words to every song on that album.

I’m not a fan at all of Psy’s Gangnam Style on the other hand, although it doesn’t bother me like it does some people. One of my coworkers will get up and leave the room if we jokingly put it on the office radio, ha ha.

How do you feel about listening to Psy’s Gangnam Style mashed-up with every single song from the first Linkin Park album? It doesn’t sound like it would be enjoyable, does it? It is.

I listened to this entire mashup all the way through. I wouldn’t call it great music, but it’s technically sound and it’s a lot of fun. Some of the songs are really funny too.

If you like Linkin Park, you’re gonna dig this.

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