Get Nutritional Facts For All Your Favorite Restaurants

Hamburger and Fries

I know from firsthand experience how tough it is to eat healthy. Especially when everyone you know eats like shit (all my friends). It’s also really hard to watch your eating habits when you have to go to work-related meetings with clients, team, boss, etc. This happens to me quite a bit too. is a new website that might be able to help you. They provide nutritional information for lots of different popular restaurants, so at least if you can’t eat at a healthy restaurant, you can try to find something on the menu that won’t require you to do two hours of cardio the next day.

They’ve also got a mobile device version of their website here so if you have an iPhone or Blackberry or something, it should come in handy. They update their list of sites regularly so if something isn’t there, contact them about it and check back a little later.

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  1. This is exactly what I need. I am currently inflating to due “research” for my food columns so I better check this out in a hurry. Nice work


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