Go Clubbing From Your Bedroom


Are you the clubbing party-going type? I use to be, but not really so much anymore, but there has been plenty of times where I wish I could’ve gone out but there was just nobody around to go with. I think this is what Be At TV was created for.

Be At TV provided full video coverage of some of the hottest and biggest clubbing events happening around the world. This social networking site covers events, DJs and clubs all over the globe and gives you as close an experience as you can get without being there in person.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to party in person, but if you live in Denver and don’t have the money to fly to London, at least you won’t miss out on the entire event. Be At TV displays footage from four camera angles which show everything you could be interested in; the dance floor, the DJ booth and individual clubbers.

Now go…into your room…and party..

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