Google Gets in the Myspace Game

Google Friend Connect

There are new social networks popping up all over the place and aside from Myspace, Facebook and Linked In, there isn’t really any competition. That could change though. Google has decided to try their hand at the friend finding fad and has announced Google Friend Connect which should be live right now. The only difference here though, is that they are giving everyone else the ability to add social network features to their own website.

So this means that everyone gets to try to compete with the Myspace/Facebook crowd. If you sign up with Google Friend Connect, you will be given a snippet of code which you can add to your website that will give you built-in social features of your choice and you don’t even have to know any programming. How cool is that?!! Do you think you can make an impact on the impressionable internet crowd? If you have a website, you might as well try.

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