Hotel Poverty

When I see a begger on street corners, sidewalks, or liquor door fronts, I can’t help to imagine how they got to this point. How they live their life today. Where their family is. Where they sleep. What they eat. Where do they go during the day? During the night? They’re living in a completely different world that I know nothing about. I only see their life for the brief moments as I pass by, making my way to my next destination.

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is poverty. Though I had a much better idea than just merely writing a story (though I hope to still complete my project), the story that I found explains a type of poverty that many of us didn’t even know existed.

Audio clips support the many profound images of people from different walks of life; the mentally ill, drug addicts, HIV victims, minorities, et al. They all live in an inapt, overcrowded, ghastly hotel. Motel Hell. Hotel Poverty.

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