How To Sell Your Entire Life

Ian Usher

Have you ever just had enough of the direction that your life was going and wanted to start fresh? Sure you have. I think everyone has at least had a day like that. Well, Ian Usher will be doing just that. He has decided to put his entire life up for auction on eBay on June 22nd, 2008, or in 94 days. He really means everything too. This includes his house and everything in it, his car, his motorcycle, and anything else you can think of that he owns.

His plan is to walk away from his home in Australia with only the clothes he’s wearing, his wallet, and his passport. He’s not sure yet on what to do after that, but his idea is to head over to the airport, get on the next flight going out, whichever one it may be, and see where it takes him.

His story which has led up to this point is a tad sad though. Basically he started his life in Australia as a newlywed. They bought everything together, but a year ago, his wife decided that things weren’t working out and they got a divorce. He’s lived in the house for the past year, everything in it reminding him of his past love, and just decided it’s time to move on. The ending result? A listing on ebay in June. Good luck Ian!

I will be posting an update to this story the day the eBay listing goes up, considering he doesn’t change his mind. That way, if you decide to sell your life away, you can purchase Ians’ as a replacement.

P.S. – If you get an error on his website, try hitting the refresh button on your browser. There seems to be some problems with the site.

P.P.S. – What’s the deal with all of the cheesy videos on the additional info page? Every video is edited in a sort of music video style fashion. I guess it’s supposed to pump you up and get you excited for the wild Australian lifestyle, but…it doesn’t. The spa video is kinda cool though, since it’s very much like the actual Prodigy video.

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