How to Shoot Pool With the Junior Shark

Have you ever wanted to become the pool shark at your local pool hall? You know, the guy that all the ladies are so dreamy about? Well get dressed up real nice, pop those collars and drive to nearest bar, because tonight’s the night to impress.

Wait, tonight’s the night to practice instead. All you have to do is stick the Junior Shark Guiding Wheel on your favorite pool cue and you’ll be knocking the eightball into the corner pocket in no time. The guiding wheel will help you guide the cue of your stick and also protect the felt of the table from tears as well.

This would have been a great thing to have as a child because my Grandpa would never let me play on his table out of fear of finding the felt ripped to shreds. I probably could’ve been on one of those boring competitive pool playing shows on cable TV by now. Oh well, you still have the chance.

Wanna see it in action? Check out the demo below.

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