The Ideas People Get When They Are High

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If you’ve ever smoked some of that sticky icky, the Ganj, Devils grass, or Marijuana, you’ve probably had some crazy ideas. While you were high, you probably thought it was one of the best ideas ever until you woke up sober and realized it was actually the stupidest idea ever.

If you check out HighDEAS you’ll get a taste of both stupid and some actual really good ideas that people have come up while they were high.

“I was thinking…When a seeing-eye-dog poops, who the hell picks it up??? Not the blind dude, right?”

That was a good one.

Or how about this one; “Wtf kind of word is “grocery”? It doesn’t sound appealing at all.”

There are tons of interesting ideas on this site. I think this could be a goldmine for inventors, video game producers and movie script writers.. For me, it’s just plain entertainment.

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