Interesting Covers of Dust in the Wind

One of my favorite songs ever is Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

I’ll always remember Halo 3 because of it, that’s for sure. That commercial made me want that game really bad!

So anyway, I heard the song come up on XM Radio the other day, and I was interested in seeing what kind of cover songs there are, and it turns out there are quite a few interesting ones.

There are also a ton of regular plain non-interesting ones too, but I tried to gather up the most original covers. Check ’em out below.

Interface – Dust in the Wind
Here’s your standard electronica version. If you like techo, you’ll probably like this song. I thought it was ok, but I’m not really into this kind of techno music.

Metalium – Dust in the Wind
When I first saw the name of this band, I was thinking they were heavy metal so I was excited to hear this cover, but it turns out that this is just a plain cover of the song. Nothing special here, as far as I can tell. I would love to hear a metal version if anyone knows of one though.

Daughter Darling – Dust in the Wind
Here’s a catchy, pop style version of the song sung by female vocalists. I thought it was an interesting take on the song. I enjoyed it and I like their version of the violin solo.

Gabriel & Dresden – Dust in the Wind
Here’s another electronica version. I actually like this techno sound much better than the first version I posted. I really like this one and it’s probably my favorite cover of them all.

Sasha and Shawna – Dust in the Wind
This version is another one sung by a female vocalist. I thought it felt extremely calming. I couldn’t find a video to this version though, so you can listen to it over at Songza.

Pensando en ti by Mago de Oz
This is a cover from the Spanish band, Mago de Oz. It’s a cover of the song, although they have changed the name to Pensando en ti, which means “thinking of you.” I thought it was great hearing Dust in the Wind in Spanish.

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  1. The theme of this site? There really isn’t much of a theme I guess. I just post about anything and everything that comes to mind, which is where the name Aimless Direction comes from. I think I mostly post about interesting websites I come across, but other times just interesting stories or updates on my life.

  2. My girlfriend and I are the only writers on this site but feel free to comment on any of the stories we write if you like 🙂

    1. Hi Gary, Thanks for the comment 🙂 I agree. I think all of these remixes are good because the original is so good. It’s hard to ruin such a great song. I’m not saying it can’t be done though, lol.

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