Giving a Grown Man a Knitting Doll for Christmas

It might sound weird that my brother, 29, would give me, a 30 year old male, a knitting doll for Christmas, but its actually one of coolest gifts I’ve ever received.

Me and my brother spent a lot of time with our grandparents growing up, in particular my grandma, who is German. Our grandma introduced us to many of the things she grew up with in Germany – things like scary fairy tales (look up Struwwelpeter and you’ll see what I mean), Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (board game), and of course the Strickliesel (knitting doll).

I had completely forgotten about the Strickliesel! What a surprise it was to see one again. It’s so awesome to be taken back to such wonderful times with my brother and my grandparents. I really do cherish these memories. My Grandma seemed surprised to see one again too. She couldn’t believe my brother found it at World Market. I love that place 😉

Can you think of any toys that take you back to your childhood? Please do share in the comments.

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