Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

First off, Amazon is having some really cool deals for Valentines Day. The first deal is completely free, which is awesome of course.

If you’ve done the whole Valentines Day spiel right, you’ll definitely be needing the MP3, Let’s Get It On, by Marvin Gaye. And if you’ve done it all wrong, maybe the song can still save the night.

Or you can get a personalized gift card from Amazon as well. Now this isn’t the most personal thing you can get for that special someone, but if you just don’t know what to get and you’re down to the last second, you can sorta personalize it and you can e-mail for immediate delivery or print it out on your computer. If you do this, you’d better have a card with something really sweet to say.

How about heading down the local Walgreens or RiteAid? I know it doesn’t sound fancy, but they prepare for all the last minute holiday shoppers. You’ll definitely be able to find something nice and affordable too.

You can also do what I’ve planned on doing, which is cooking. I bought an Italian dinner (her favorite food) package that comes with noodles and other ingredients from World Market, as well as a bottle of wine and I’ll be cooking for her. Cooking is always a good idea and a nice dinner and some wine is romantic and fun.

Along the same lines as cooking dinner, you could also try breakfast in bed. You might have to wake up a little earlier, but the smile on his/her face when they wake up would all be worth it, right?

Movie night would be great too. You don’t have to go to the theatres either. Rent a movie from Blockbuster, Pay-Per-View or just watch an old DVD, Get some Big Gulps and candy from 7-11 and replicate a fun night at the movies. And if you want, you can make out during the movie without feeling weird about it 😉

You could also try buying some tickets to something fun; opera, theatre, monster trucks, a concert, a comedian, etc. You don’t have to go on Valentines Day, just present them. Buy on Ticketmaster and print them out so you have something to show for it.

Ok, so what if you don’t have an girlfriend? Well, you better go download the Perfect Girl app on the iPhone. It’ll throw out some of the perfect one-liners that you’d absolutely never hear from your real girlfriend, like “I’ll try anything once” or “Have fun drinking with your friends.” You’ll have the perfect girl, although I’d recommend you not try to kiss her, or you’ll be stuck with her for the rest of your life if anyone sees.

Got any other ideas? Send me some comments!

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