The Longest Words in English

I guess the longest word in English is debatable, because the longest word known contains 189,819 letters and is the chemical name of the largest known protein, except this word is not included in the dictionary. The short name for it “connectin” or even shorter “titin.”

If you wanna see the full word, check it out here. Looks like spam to me. 😉

So what about the longest word that IS included in the dictionary? This one is bit more manageable to read and pronounce. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is 45 letters long and is the name of some kind of lung disease.

The challenge?

Use both of these words in a conversation today.

Watch a video of Joanne Colan, formerly 🙁 of Rocket Boom, describe the longest words in English and attempt to recite the 189,819 character word.

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