Luigi is Just as Good as Mario

I just heard this great song called “Louie Gee” from the band Sexy Heroes. The band used to be named Sexy Heroes in Transit, but later decided that their acronym wasn’t getting them anymore so the trimmed the last part off. They have an old style Green Day type sound to their music, so their music is real catchy and fun.

So Louie Gee is a song about the Mario Bros. and many of the characters from the game. Their all in school in this rendition, and instead of Mario being portrayed as the greatest hero ever, this story explains the tough life that Luigi has living the the shadow of his older brother.

Everybody picks on Luigi, people ignore him, he has no friends and the princess won’t give him a kiss on the cheek even after he’s actually the one who saved the day.

Poor Luigi… 🙁

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