How Marc Horowitz Is Crowdsourcing Advice to Run His Life

Crowdsourcing is the concept of using crowds to outsource work. For example at Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can hire hundreds of workers to do simple tedious tasks on the cheap. Need 100 social media accounts created? $5 and you’re set.

There are lots of things you can do by crowdsourcing and artist Marc Horowitz has come up with a great way to use it. For an entire month, Horowitz will live his life by taking the advice of strangers. Throughout every day in November he will be asking his audience questions and then provides several answers to choose from. Whichever answer has the highest votes is the advice he takes.

Here’s an example:

What should I do with my facial hair?

– mustache
– don’t shave, keep the beard
– go clean shaven man
– goatee
– chin strap

And after each question, he posts a video of the outcome. This is a really fun idea.

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