The Best Mobile Browsers For The iPhone


Lifehacker just put together a quick review of iPhone web browsers and the benefits and downfalls of each of them. I’ve used a few different web browsers on the iPhone and my favorite right now is Chrome because I like the way the tabs work and how it syncs with my desktop browser. I love having access to my web history and all of my bookmarks. It also seems much faster than Safari.

Chrome and Safari both work great and they have all that I really need in a mobile browser but if there was one setting that I would like to see in Safari or Chrome on the iPhone, it would be to turn off the “feature” that forces the user to go to the web version of a website when one exists. I’ve had so many problems trying to view restaurant menus when being forced to the web version of a website.

The Lifehacker article also mentions the “360 Browser” app which provides Flash capabilities. I’ve never tried 360 Browser before but I use Skyfire which also lets you view Flash videos.


I bought Skyfire when I became obsessed with Skyfire is $3 while 360 Browser is only $1, so if it works the same, it’s probably better to just go with the cheaper one. I just wish there was a browser that could play Flash-based games. That would be awesome.

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